My goal

I want to guide you, who are on your way to discovering your natural powers and learning what you are doing best, what makes you so happy and satisfied. I will help you understand the connection between your personal or professional potential and the world of challenges and changes around us.

I offer you many years of experience in various top management positions in international companies as well as a non-profit organization. Inspiration may be my experience of being a lifelong athlete, a beginner winter swimmer, and an enthusiastic Wim Hof admirer and his WHM method.

The desire for change in my life has helped me to realize that if we do the same things every day, no changes are likely to come.

Let's change it!

I coach you to achieve your personal goals

Coaching | Leadership | Personal Development


I understand coaching mainly as a process of finding and then releasing and enhancing your inner, often hidden strengths and skills to help you achieve your professional or personal goals. This process takes place through meaningful and stimulating conversations. Coaching is suitable for anyone who feels the need for change in any area of their lives or wants to strengthen themselves on the path of self-awareness and who is seeking for a partner who will accompany and keep them in the direction of achieving their goals.

I believe there are many paths to personal development, and there is not one universal tool and approach in coaching. We are all unique, we have our own conscious and unconscious values, belief systems, our typical patterns of thinking, behavior, and action. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own life story!

I share many years of experience

Mentoring | Leadership | Personal Development

In the process of mentoring and counseling, I see an effective tool for passing on my experience, skills, and knowledge. I like to become your guide on agreed topics. The mentoring process differs from coaching, in particular, by the client obtaining clear information, examples of solving specific tasks or techniques in certain situations.

I will advise you on how to better manage stress

Coaching | Mentoring | Work-Life Balance

Today’s time is very demanding and fast. We spend most of our time and energy on work, and we do not have much time and energy left for other aspects of life. The result of great pressure on employees and entrepreneurs, their efficiency and results is ubiquitous stress.

I have learned that even in a very challenging environment, we can keep space for our loved ones, friends and hobbies that bring us satisfaction and health, and we can find a way to maintain a high quality of life.

About me

It is difficult to squeeze 30 years of practice into a few sentences and to list the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years. It is best to divide my professional life into several areas and parts:

  • Experience in various technical and managerial positions at production plant Praga
  • Consulting and project management experience in sales and implementation of enterprise information system Scala in more than 40 companies (Project Management Certification by APM – Association of Project Management)
  • Financial and Administration Manager with TNT Express Worldwide, responsible for the company’s complete financial and personnel agenda
  • General and Regional Director with Scala, managing the business development and operation of the company in the Czech Republic and in the Central and Eastern Europe
  • Director at Accenture, responsible for building and managing outsourcing or in-house shared service centers for various clients across many industries
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of  The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), representing the business services sector in the Czech Republic.
  • Certification of ACE Practitioner (Academy of Coaching Excellence) by Coaching Systems

Most of my professional life I spent in the service industry that is very dependent on each member of the team. Working with people has always been the key component in my career.

In addition to my professional life, I am a lifelong enthusiastic athlete. In my youth, I was participating in cross-country skiing racing. For many years, I had been playing golf reaching almost single handicap. In recent years, I have been doing cycling, running and swimming.

My new hobby is winter swimming. I am so excited by it that I am currently taking training for Wim Hof Methods instructors.


Ota Kulhánek
Tel: +420 602 221 469
I coach in Prague and its surroundings. Upon the agreement, I cover the whole ČR.